Dear Metered Customer:

            Please be advised that in response to a legal proceeding brought by some of our customers, the California Superior Court for the County of Marin has determined that we cannot bill you for meter readings for propane delivered and used where we did not send you a bill within 45 days of that reading. While we disagree with the Court’s findings, in compliance with the Order we will adjust the balance due on your account to write-off any such charges and/or refund any such payments.  If this has not already been done, this will be done by the end of March 2017.

Please note that, in general, bills were not sent within 45 days of the meter readings for propane delivered and used prior to April 15, 2016, so we cannot collect on those charges. If you were no longer a customer as of April 15, 2016, please disregard any billing statements you have received indicating a “balance forward” was due.

            You must, however, continue to pay charges for propane incurred starting April 15, 2016, including usage and other charges invoiced under the new billing software and reflected on statements dated May 31, 2016 to date.

            We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused.